enrolment thumbnail Course enrolment involves filling in a secure web form, hosted by the College's Finance Department, where you select your desired course and input your contact and card payment details.

To assist you with choosing the right course and to avoid delays with the processing of your details we ask that you please follow the steps below which are designed to guide you through enrolment. You will find our fees and the enrolment process explained. Please therefore review the following details carefully.


Enrolment and fee information

Step 1 - check our rates

May & June 2018 Summer Programme Fees

Courses meet 18.00-20.00 either once or twice a week, depending on the course (please see our programme timetable). We operate three different fee categories which are explained in detail on the next expander. Courses with only one weekly session cost half the price of those meeting twice per week. Your desired course will show with the correct fee on the enrolment portal however you must ensure you select the correct rate category.

Rate categoryFee per 8-week course with TWO (2) weekly sessionsFee per 8-week course with ONE (1) weekly session
 Category A £185  £92.50
 Category B £225  £112.50
 Category C £290  £145
Above referenced rate categories are explained in full detail below
Fees explained

Step 2 - check our rate categories

Please refer to below table to determine which of the three fee categories we operate applies to you. As each application is individually validated please ensure you select the correct rate category for enrolment. Fees are per one whole 8-week/1-term course.


Category A

(formerly internal rate)

All CURRENT Imperial College students & staff. This includes Imperial NHS Trust, Imperial College Press, and Imperial Innovations.

Please use your Imperial College email address for enrolment. If you prefer using a different email address please state your Imperial College email or login in the comments box on the web enrolment form. You should also quote your CID and indicate a contact telephone number. Incoming first-year students please email us a copy of your acceptance letter from Registry.

Category A @ 50% off

(formerly internal discounted rate)

£95 fee only applies to Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication current staff & current postgraduate students in our Centre's Science Communication unit, and to current undergraduates on an Imperial College 'Language for Science' degree programme (e.g. Chemistry with Spanish, Biochemistry with German, etc.). Please manually change the payment amount on the enrolment portal to above quoted price.

Please use your Imperial College email address for enrolment. If you prefer using a different email address please state your Imperial College email or login in the comments box on the web enrolment form. You should also quote your CID and indicate a contact telephone number. Incoming new postgraduate students should please email us a copy of your acceptance letter from Registry etc.

Category B
Applies to Imperial College alumni, Friends of Imperial College (membership must cover full course duration), all current non-Imperial College students (incl. RCA, RCM, University of London, etc.), RCA, RCM and University of London staff, South Kensington museum staff (Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum), Royal Geographical Society staff, Santander Bank staff (Imperial College Walkway branch only), Austrian Cultural Forum staff, staff at an Exhibition Road Cultural Group (aka Discover South Kensington) member organisation, Lycee Charles de Gaulle staff, and Historic Royal Palaces staff.
You must use an email address which clearly shows your affiliation (e.g. Imperial College alumni email address, UK educational email address, Lycee Charles de Gaulle, South Kensington museum email address, etc.). Alternatively, please email us a copy of your valid UK student or relevant staff card or a copy of your employment contract, etc. Friends of Imperial College should provide evidence of current membership.

Category B @ 10% off

(formerly external discounted rate)

American Institute for Foreign Study (UK) Ltd staff are entitled to a 10% discount.
AIFS staff please manually deduct 10% when applying online. An @aifs.co.uk email address must be used for enrolment.
Category C If you do not fall into any of the above categories, rate category C applies. This includes spouses of category A or B applicants. No special instructions.
For any queries please ring or email us and we will offer further clarification. We will also contact you if there is an over- or underpayment needing to be resolved.
Summary of the table's contents

Step 3 - check our course descriptions

If you have not yet carefully read the course description for your desired course please do so before proceeding with enrolment. The course descriptions can be found here.

Step 4 - obtain language advice (where needed)

Where applicable please do contact the relevant language coordinator for course-level advice PRIOR to enrolment, should you not be entirely clear about your level of proficiency. Contact details can be found here.

Step 5 - acknowledge our terms & conditions

By proceeding with enrolment you acknowledge that you understand that

  • full payment must be made at the time of enrolment. We are unfortunately unable to accept payment in installments;
  • refunds are not possible once payment has been made and the term has started (NOTE: clashes with your work or study timetable are NOT grounds for a refund);
  • students must be registered for their course prior to attending any sessions

Policy on enrolment of minors

Unfortunately our evening classes are not open to anyone under the age of 16 at the time of enrolment. Those who are 16 or 17 must have our Centre's parental consent form [pdf] signed which follows the College’s policy on minors. The signed form should be emailed or posted to our Centre at the time of enrolment. Not affected are under-age applicants who wish to join a course alongside their parent or guardian.

Change of course level (language courses only)

For language-course enrolments please note that should you find the language course level you have chosen unsuitable for your level of proficiency we will endeavour to register you for a different course, however this is subject to availability and seeking advice from the relevant language coordinator prior to enrolment should ensure that all students start courses at the correct level.

Step 6 - proceed with web enrolment

Web enrolment starts 1 April 2017 via the College's Short Courses enrolment & payment portal. To enrol & pay for your desired course please click on the following link (opens a new window) after having read below instructions.


Please proceed as follows:Enrolment portal screenshot

  • In the new window please scroll down next to Organiser' to select either 'Eve Classes Languages' or 'Eve Classes SAH' (and the appropriate fee category A, B or C as explained in Steps 1 and 2). The screenshot on the right shows these highlighted. All non-language courses fall under 'Eve Classes SAH' (Science, Arts & Humanities);
  • On the next drop-down menu, 'Event', please select your desired language course or non-language subject;

Please also note:

  • When entering your personal and card details on the web enrolment form please do not forget to include a contact telephone number;
  • If you wish to pay for someone else's enrolment fee alongside yours please prepare only one transaction and manually change the fee to the appropriate higher amount noting the other person's details (name, phone number, email address and infos regarding status if paying Category A or B) in the 'Comments' box where you should also confirm which course the second enrolment is for;
  • For non-language courses with only one weekly session (please see programme timetable) half-price fees apply which appear automatically on the booking form;
  • Enrolment submission triggers an automated PAYMENT CONFIRMATION EMAIL sent to you from RBS WorldPay (please enter email addresses with care as you may otherwise not receive your payment confirmation);
  • Our Centre will also email you, separately, a COURSE ENROLMENT CONFIRMATION - please WAIT for this to arrive and do not worry if there is a delay with this;
  • Further details such as classroom location and teacher contact details will be sent to you separately just prior to the programme starting in May.

Alternative ways to enrol

If you have a bank card (debit or credit card) and are able to use the internet you should please use web enrolment. For applicants who can't or don't wish to make a card payment online the following alternative enrolment methods are available from Wednesday 19 April 2017:

Enrolment methodImportant remarks
Application by post  A paper registration form must be completed:  / . Please enclose a cheque over the appropriate amount, made payable to "Imperial College", and a copy of your qualifying ID or other relevant document if applying at anything other than the external rate. Please find the address for your letter & cheque on our website.
Application in person A paper registration form must be completed / ‌. Please print and complete this before you arrive. Cash or cheque (made payable to "Imperial College") are accepable methods of payment. On normal working days starting Wednesday 19 April 2017 please arrive between 10.30am and 4pm. Our address can be found on our website.

Certificate of attendance

Students who have attended a minimum of 70% of the 16 sessions (11) are eligible for a certificate of attendance. These are issued directly by the teacher in the final class at the end of June or in early July, respectively. Certificates not collected on that occasion will only be held for collection centrally in the Centre for Languages for a limited time - collections should therefore be made as soon as possible.

Course fee reimbursements for ICBS students

Imperial College Business School (ICBS) postgraduates please note that ICBS operate a reimbursement scheme for evening class registration fees. Only the following programmes are eligible: MBA and MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management, and MSc Management. The offer likely is limited to language courses as the idea is to provide an incentive to acquire or expand your language skills. Eligibility criteria should be checked directly with your ICBS Administrator. If you qualify ICBS will pay you back your evening class registration fee in full upon successful completion of your evening class. You will need to show your payment receipt and your evening class certificate of attendance to your ICBS Administrator.

Certificates of attendance are issued to eligible students by the teacher in the final session at the end of June or in early July, respectively. In order to qualify you must have attended a minimum of 70% (or 11 sessions) out of the total number of 16 classes. If you are eligible for a certificate but can't attend the final session you must collect your certificate from our Centre's office on level 3 of the Sherfield building as soon as possible thereafter. Please note that uncollected certificates are discarded at the beginning of October.

We would like to stress that this ICBS reimbursement scheme operates entirely outside of our Centre. Please direct all enquiries directly to ICBS.