Please find below a selection of the most commonly asked questions about our evening class programme.

Questions about our courses and the programme as a whole


FAQs main programme

When do the courses start and how long do they last?

Most classes run 9, or 10, or 20 weeks. Classes that run for 9 or 10 weeks will run for one academic term, and those running for 20 weeks will run over two academic terms, with a vacation between the two terms.

Imperial College does not have half term holidays, and the Evening Class and Lunchtime Learning (Daytime) programmes do not have reading week breaks.

What are the course fees?

Please see our fee details for the current year. Early bookers benefit from a discount - the early-bird fee applies in September only.

How big are the classes?

Our usual size of class for language classes is no more than 20 students.

For other classes the numbers might be higher, but no class exceeds 30 students per class.

Do the courses lead to any academic qualification?

Evening Classes and Lunchtime Learning (daytime) classes are not part of any degree programme and do not carry any ECTS or other academic credit. However, if you attend at least 80% of the classes you will receive a certificate of attendance.

As an IC undergraduate, can I take an evening class as part of my degree?

No. Evening Classes and Lunchtime Learning (daytime) classes are intended an informal way to pursue an interest, brush up on existing skills or develop new skills, and so they cannot be taken as part of a degree course.

Do I need to buy a book before the course starts?

No, the use of a particular textbook may vary from year to year depending on the teacher and indeed on the students' needs. You will be advised which book to buy during the first lesson.

For the Music Technology course it is advisable that you purchase the headphones before the first class meeting (please see course description for details).

Do external evening class students get access to other College facilities?

Participation in the Evening Class or Lunchtime Learning (Daytime) programmes does not in itself grant student status.

Membership of Imperial College Library is not available to Evening Class or Lunchtime Learning (Daytime) learners, however you can gain access to some College facilities by becomming a Friend of Imperial College.

This costs an additional £20 per year, and in addition to being able to use Imperial College's cafes, bars and restaurants with a 10% discount, you will benefit from a programme of special events organised by Friends of Imperial College, including lectures, social events and reduced price membership of the Imperial College sports facilities.

For more information on membership of Friends of Imperial College visit the Friends of Imperial College website.

Can I change classes if I find I'm on the wrong level?

Generally, if sufficient space is available in the class you want to change to, then you may transfer, subject to the agreement of the teacher of that class. The necessary arrangements are made by the Evening Classes Administr ator who must be notified by anyone intending to change courses. Our student records must at all times be accurate.

Is there homework?

Homework is not compulsory for Evening Classes or Lunchtime Learning (daytime) classes. However, teachers may set homework on a voluntary basis and if you are studying on a language course you are strongly advised to undertake additional home study outside of the class.

Do I gain student status?

Taking part in an Evening Class or Lunchtime Learning (daytime) course at Imperial College does not confer student status, and so access to student facilities is not always possible. However, you can gain additional access to some of the facilities at Imperial College, including discounts in some of the College food and drink outlets, and the sports centre, by joining the Friends of Imperial College.

Library access is not possible.


Questions about enrolment


More FAQs

How, when and where can I enrol?

We use online enrolment for our courses. Please note that we unfortunately cannot reserve any places until the full fee has been paid.

Is there a deadline for enrolment?

No, but once a course is full (20 students is the limit for most courses) we will obviously stop enrolling for it. We do not recommend starting a language course more than two weeks late, but other courses might be more flexible so do ask.

Under-age applicant policy

We welcome applications for our evening classes and lunchtime learning (daytime) courses from people aged between 16 and 18 but those under 18 must have a Parental Consent Form signed by their parent or guardian stating that they have permission to attend a course. Parents and guardians should be aware some courses may contain material of a sensitive nature, and it is worth asking in advance if this is the case.

The Parental Consent Form can be obtained from Christian Jacobi -

As our evening classes and lunchtime learning (daytime) courses are technically adult education courses we cannot accept applications from people aged under 16 at the start of the course.

As a new IC student, I haven't got an IC ID card yet. Can I still enrol at the internal rate?

Yes, certainly. When you enrol online, please indicate your CID number (unique student ID number) which you can find on all pieces of correspondence you have already received from the College, including your letter of acceptance.

I neither work nor study at Imperial College. Can I still join a class?

Yes, absolutely! Our courses are open to all. You do not need any previous qualifications to join a class, although language classes might require you to have sufficient proficiency in a language to join a particular level.

Do Imperial College alumni qualify for the internal rate?

The Internal Rate is for current Imperial College staff and students. Imperial College alumni should select the Associate Rate. Please enrol online as normal, then provide proof of your former affiliation with the College (scanned copy of degree certificate or of any official letter from the College) by emailing this information to

I'm not sure what language level I'm at - is there anyone I can contact before enrolling?

Yes. Please first review our language course descriptions to try to identify the course level which should be most suitable for you. Especially if somewhat out of practice, please be reasonably sure and realistic about your level of proficiency prior to proceeding with enrolment. Should you require further assistance please do contact the relevant language advisor(s).

Can I get a refund if my schedule changes?

Please ensure before enrolling that you have the time to commit to a 20-week evening class and can see it through. Applicants wishing to cancel their booking before the start of term are entitled to a full refund. Please find full details in our terms & conditions available on the Fees & Enrolment page.

Can I bring a guest to my class with me?

Sorry, no. For legal and insurance reasons set by the central authorities at Imperial College we must have a formal record of all persons in our classes and because of this guests cannot join you on a class, even if it is only for one session. It can also lead to complaints from other learners if people attend sessions for free.