The Space Lab is a network of excellence working with space agencies around the world, including NASA and ESA, bringing together academics whose research covers a broad range of space-related fields. This FoNS webinar intends to stimulate new collaborations and discussions around this topic. Our keynote Speaker is Dr Martin Stuart (CEO at Satellite Applications Catapult). Please join us!


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Session 1: Space Safety and Security

14:00 – 14:05 Welcome message by Dr Jonathan Eastwood as director of Space Lab network

 Chair: Dr Heli Hietala (Royal Society URF, Department of Physics)

14:05 – 14:25 Dr Christopher Beischl (London Institute of Space Policy & Law, Academic visitor in the Department of Physics)

14:25 – 14:30 flash presentation: Dr Simon Foster (Space Lab societal engagement lead, Department of Physics)

14:30 – 14:50 Professor Mark Burgman (Director of the Centre for Environmental Policy)

14:50 – 14:55 flash presentation: Alexander Schwertheim (PhD student, Department of Aeronautics)

14:55 – 15:15 Dr Jonathan Eastwood (Space Lab network director, Physics)




Session 2: Space Instrumentation

Chair: Dr Jonathan Eastwood

15:30 – 15:50 Dr Helen E Brindley (Reader in Earth Observation, Department of Physics)

15:50 – 15:55 flash presentation: Michael Johnson (PhD student, Department of Computing)

15:55 – 16:15 Dr Kathryn Hadler (Lecturer of Mineral Processing, Department of Earth Science & Engineering)

16:15 – 16:20 flash presentation: Reuben Cruise (PhD student, Department of Department of Earth Science & Engineering)

16:20 – 16:40 Professor W. Tom Pike (Professor of Microengineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

16:40 – 17:05 KEY SPEAKER: Dr Stuart Martin (CEO at Satellite Applications Catapult)

17:05 -17:10 – Conclusions remarks by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Richard Craster

Please click the link to join this webinar. If you are not a student or staff of Imperial College, please contact Ester Buchaca-Domingo in advance.