The PE-CDT and CPE will be hosting a special online Symposium on the afternoons of 17 and 18 September.

The EPSRC PE-CDT Annual Symposium is a highlight of our students’ year. This year held online, it will feature the research achievements of Cohort 9 and an alumni panel discussion.

In addition, to mark the CPE’s recent rebranding from Plastic to the Centre for Processable Electronics and the establishment of three new research theme areas: materials for sustainable energy, soft electronics and emerging technologies, we will be integrating CPE talks into the event. We are excited to introduce our new research themes to you, so the theme leads and champions will be giving research talks in each of these areas. Hear from Prof Magda Titirici, Dr Felice Torrisi and Prof Matt Fuchter. We are also thrilled that Prof Donal Bradley, of KAUST and the first director of the CPE, will be joining us.

Finally, across the two afternoons we also have three invited external speakers: Prof John De Mello of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Prof Nam Gyu Park of Sungkyunkwan University and Christoph Brabec of Erlangen University.

The invitation is open – we hope you can join us!

The full agenda will be available shortly on this page.

The links to join the event are below.

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