The weekly meditation sessions will all continue via Zoom. The Zoom links to the sessions will be emailed through our mailing list. Students and staff can join the mailing list using the links (please use your university email address). Sign up to the mailing list.

Buddhist meditation can help you to unplug and detach from the stress of daily life. These sessions are especially suitable for those seeking to reduce anxiety, re-align balance or practice loving kindness. It has plenty of time for meditation. There is also some input from Buddhist teaching on aspects of meditation and the concepts that are being used. Some people go to both Tuesday non-religious Mindfulness sessions and Friday Buddhist meditation, so you are welcome to try it. As you might know, Mindfulness was originally an application for clinical settings of Buddhist meditation techniques. So they are in the same family of meditation.

 When I engaged in meditation on altruistic love and compassion, Tania noted that the cerebral networks activated were very different. In particular, the network linked to negative emotions and distress was not activated during meditation on compassion, while certain cerebral areas traditionally associated with positive emotions, with the feeling of affiliation and maternal love, for instance, were.

Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk and bestselling author of Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

Fridays 13:05-13:50

Led by Karuna Priya, Chaplain and Buddhist Faith Advisor. You can contact Karuna at k.priya@imperial.ac.uk

Personalised conversation about one’s practice is available after the meditation if required, or you can arrange to meet with the Buddhist Chaplain(s) for a one-to-one consultation.


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This event will now be held virtually.

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