People in a laboratory looking at samples through a microscope

A symposium led by Lorainne Tudor Car, LKCMedicine and Kathleen Leedham-Green, Imperial College Medical Education Research Unit

As clinicians we are accustomed to practising evidence-based medicine, with the synthesis of evidence and expert guidelines informing our daily practice. How might this thinking translate into educational practice, and what are the potential pitfalls? Without knowing what kind of world our students will be practising medicine in, how can we best prepare them for future healthcare?

This symposium will explore some of the ways in which evidence has been used to both re-enforce and debunk educational practices and the strategies that can be used to synthesise and apply evidence-based education. We will then take a critical look at biomedical conceptions of evidence as applied to the social, behavioural and cognitive sciences and debate strategies for practising evidence-based education in a changing world.


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