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Doctors and researchers come together to explore the Black experience in mental health care.

Our expert panel will discuss the contributors to poor mental health that are exclusive to the Black community and their own approaches to addressing these issues – looking at how we can improve ownership of care, destigmatise mental health, and promote positive conversations and outcomes within the community.


  • Clarissa Gardner, researcher (Digital Health) at the Centre for Health Policy, and student on the MSc Healthcare and Design at Imperial College London
  • Kwarteng Sarfo, Doctor at NHS England, Imperial College London graduate
  • Soh-yon Park, Design Researcher and student on the MSc Healthcare and Design at Imperial College London 
  • Nikita Rathod, Communications and Events Officer, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

Imperial Lates Online

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: Wellness. Tune in to explore cutting-edge science and engineering in our week-long digital celebration of science from 26 October to 1 November.

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