Dr Paul Boldrin

IMSE Webinar Series

Molecular Engineering for Next Generation Batteries

The challenge that will be discussed in this session is:

Gas-solid Interactions in Fuel Cell Electrode Materials

Join us for this informal webinar with Dr Paul Boldrin. There will be an opportunity for question and answer after the presentation. To join this webinar you must register in advance and you will be emailed the joining instructions for the webinar.


Dr Dr Paul Boldrin

Research associate, Department of Earth Science and Engineering

Dr Boldrin’s research interests can be summarised as investigating new techniques for measuring and correlating electrochemical and catalytic activity with structural and chemical properties of materials. He has published papers on a range of materials including nanomaterials, catalysts, photocatalysts, biomaterials and liquid and gas phase separation materials.

He is currently working on solid oxide cells (fuel cells and electrolysers) and cermet based separation and catalytic reaction membranes. The work involves fabrication of membranes and porous scaffolds, and functionalisation with catalysts. He can test the electrochemical and catalytic performance of these devices, and use various pulse and temperature-programmed techniques to probe the interaction of the materials with gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane.

The aim is then to correlate these measurements with performance data, microstructural characterisation and modelling to build up structure-property-function relationships for these materials.

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