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The Imperial College Centre of Excellence for Advanced Therapeutics is delighted to invite you to its new, online, cross-Faculty bridging seminar series

This is a series of multidisciplinary seminars that aim to break down Faculty barriers and bring together academics from Medicine, Engineering and Natural Sciences that work in similar, complementary or applicable fields of Advanced Therapeutics.

The Centre’s objective is to discover synergies, create opportunities for new collaborations and lay groundwork for novel applications and innovative solutions around gene, cell or tissue-engineered therapeutics.

For each seminar, there are two matched PIs who will successively give a 15-minute talk, chaired by a third PI, each representing the three different Faculties. The chair will coordinate the audience’s questions, initiate discussions and allow time for prosperous networking.

Open to all Imperial College students and staff (Evenbrite registration required), the Cross-Faculty bridging seminars will take place online from 16:00 to 17:00 every 7 weeks on a Thursday on the following dates: 7th October 2021; 25th November 2021; 13th January 2022; 3rd March 2022; 28th April 2022; and 16th June 2022.

For further information and to register for the first seminar of this series please click here; for the second seminar, please click here.