Who we are

The EVOLVE project brings together a team of three Research Fellows at Imperial College London, with expertise in three different domains:

  • energy systems
  • climate change, weather and air pollution
  • communication networks

Dr Oytun Babacan

Dr Oytun BabacanDr Oytun Babacan investigates the environmental, technical, and economic issues of integrating energy storage and renewables into urban and rural settings. He is interested in decarbonisation pathways for existing power systems through decentralisation and electric power market reforms where individuals and communities would have greater control over their energy choices. He is working in EVOLVE to show how better infrastructure planning can make a positive impact on environment, while keeping people mobile. He is based in the Department of Physics and the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial.

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Dr Peer Nowack

Dr Peer NowackDr Peer Nowack focuses on addressing key challenges in climate science and sustainability using numerical models, machine learning techniques and remote sensing data. As part of the EVOLVE team, he is particularly interested in developing data-driven solutions that are subject to multiple hard and soft optimization objectives including cost efficiency, customer preferences and the use of renewable energy for EV charging. He also works on incorporating predictable time-dependencies in these factors, for example, due to changes in the weather conditions. He is excited about the implications of EVOLVE for mitigating climate change and for improving urban air quality. He is at the Department of Physics, the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London.

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Dr Daphne Tuncer

Dr Daphne TuncerDr Daphne Tuncer investigates the design and development of novel mechanisms for the control and management of future communication infrastructures, including algorithmic, software, protocol and network design. Her work focuses on investigating how the most recent technological advances (both in hardware and software) can be used to address the limitations and inefficiencies of current network control and management practices. The objective of her research is to enable the large-scale deployment in the coming years of the next wave of emerging interactive applications, such as augmented/virtual reality, self-driving cars or remote surgery. In the context of the EVOLVE project, Daphne is interested in designing efficient systems to harmonise the collection and representation of the information needed to assist charging point selection strategies. She is at the Department of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London.

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