A reunion held in the union barReunions are a great way to enjoy Alumni Weekend with your old classmates and friends. It is the perfect time and place to hold your reunion and we can offer advice and help you reach out to anyone you may have lost touch with.

Confirmed class reunions are listed below. If your class isn't there, why not talk to us about hosting your own reunion? Get in touch by Friday 23 March and we can help you. Email alumni.weekend@imperial.ac.uk to arrange your reunion.

  • Biology and Biology and Management, Class of 1993, organised by Anette Lippert
  • Civil Engineering, Class of 1968, organised by Paul Bradley
  • Chemistry, Class of 1978, organised by Paul Garland
  • Electrical Engineering, Class of 1981, organised by Alan Higginson
  • Geology, Mining Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Class of 1978, organised by Paul Hartwell
  • Mineral Technology, Class of 1968, organised by Trevor Holness
  • Mining, Class of 1958, organised by Barry Lanz
  • Physics, Class of 1968, organised by Lynette Armstrong
  • Physics, Class of 1971, organised by Janet John