Child at fringe event in mock lab

Make a date with an evening of discovery 

Imperial Fringe

Explore the fun, creative and perhaps unexpected side of science with a free evening of discovery at one of our Imperial Fringe events. Join us as our scientists and their ground-breaking research take a break from the lab for a night of hands-on demos, crafty workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks for all ages to enjoy.

 Last year’s year 5 Fringe events saw over 3000 people join us to meet our researchers and learn all about their work.

 You can get a better of idea of what to expect from an Imperial Fringe with reports on previous Fringes below.

Imperial Fringe: Walking in the Air

The next Fringe event is scheduled on Tuesday 5 December at South Kensigton Campus, College Main Entrance, between 17.00 and 20.00.

Come in from the cold and breathe in a festive evening celebrating the invisible gases that flow around us, fill our lungs, can knock us off our feet and will determine the future of our climate.  

More activities and entertainment will be announced soon! 

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Volunteering opportunities are available at this event.

 We won’t be able to run this event without your precious support. If you are able to help out at this event, this will be greatly appreciated.

Please sign up here to guarantee your preferred volunteer slot.