Child at fringe event in mock lab

Imperial Lates is our after-hours programme of events which celebrate science and engineering. Join us for an evening of discovery as our researchers share the wonder of what they do.


Imperial Lates give you the chance to bring out your inner child and have fun with our research, as well as debate the major issues of the day with our scientists and engineers. Join us for a drink or two as we explore a different theme each night.

Thanks to the creativity of Imperial students and staff, a Lates evening can comprise live experiments, new technology demonstrations, creative art workshops, behind the scenes tours, inspiring talks and so much more!

The Lates series is run by the College’s Public Engagement team, and represents one way in which Imperial is committed to sharing the wonder of what we do with the wider society.

Imperial staff and students can apply to take part in an upcoming Imperial Lates evening by filling in a short proposal form 

Members of the public can register to attend an upcoming Late by following our Lates Eventbrite page, or signing up to Imperial's Events E-bulletin

Past events

Wonder Women - 7 March 2019

women using vr

Are you in a relationship with your computer? How do you nano-hack cancer? What’s it like at the top of Everest? The Imperial Lates marked Women at Imperial Week with a showcase of iconic women pushing the boundaries higher, further, faster and challenging what it means to be a women in the modern world. From cancer crushers to Everest conquerors and climate warriors to concert pianists, it was a truely inspirational evening

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Smart Fashion - 21 February 2019

What will you be wearing in the future? During London Fashion week, we tried on the latest wearable technology, new textiles and intelligent clothing. With digital embroidery workshops, AI fashion consultants and technology trends in trendy technology, we dressed smart for an evening of smart dress! 

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Xmaths - 6 December 2018


A countdown to Christmas with a festive celebration by numbers. Lates visitors got to tackle mind bending puzzles and make their own maths inspired tree decorations. Whilst some of the world’s leading mathematicians discussed how they visualise the equations they mull over, why the idea of inherent maths genius is a myth, and how Maths is being applied to understand everything from black holes to how people behave in crowds.

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Greenovate - 18 October 2018

Living office furniture, zero-carbon beer and roving self-powered turbines to collect plastic from the oceans. To mark the Government’s first ever Green GB week Imperial hosted a showcase of how innovation and new ideas could help address the major environmental issues we face on both global and local scales. 

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We cannot put on these events without the precious support of our volunteer community.

If you’d like to be a part of the Imperial Lates volunteering team, head over to the Imperial volunteering page for more information