Visits play with a stethoscope


On the weekend of 28-30 June, The Great Exhibition Road Festival will celebrate curiosity, discovery and exploration. 

From our world to new worlds, from drones to design, and from symphony orchestras to brass bands, we’re inviting you to Exhibition Road for a festival that brings together science and the arts.

Get stuck into a unique programme of creative workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances plus hundreds of hands-on activities including robots, interactive zones and virtual-reality headsets. There’s plenty to explore across all the extraordinary institutions, galleries and museums of Exhibition Road and beyond, too.

  • Exciting programmes of talks
  • Dynamic performances
  • Interactive workshops
  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Hands-on zone (family zone)
  • Street food market 

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What's on

Explore the extraordinary

operating theatreRoll up, roll up to our science-inspired Victorian fairground of the heart or enjoy the buzz of creating your very own wonder material sculptures and space art! There’s plenty that’s extraordinary out on Exhibition Road, whilst inside our robot zone you can play air hockey against a robot or ask our robot butler for a drink.  

Experiment with us 

Want to try royal tea from the botanical gardens of Kensington Palace? Or perhaps keep refreshed and care for the planet at the same time with futuristic edible water bottles? You can also join us at our insect kitchen to taste how creepy-crawlies might be in the health food of the future.

Express yourself

saxophonistsGet your socks knocked off by a rousing re-imagining of Holst’s ‘The Planets’ or settle in for a spot of afternoon tea at the Opera - there’s loads of ways to immerse yourself in art, music and theatre at the Festival.  Get involved in our set design workshop to help us recreate the Apollo 11 moon landings, and don’t forget to join us for a musical Sunday brunch.

Expand your mind

Take an immersive, multi-sensory dip into dark matter or explore how emojis might change how we talk about science. There’s plenty of awe-inspiring exhibits, workshops and talks for all ages answering big questions like - will we really mine the moon one day? And how do you design a happy city for happy residents?