Robot DeNIRO

Celebrate the 2018 Year of Engineering by playing robotic air hockey, performing VR surgery, or creating your own art-making roving machines in our giant public mass making workshop.


We’re showcasing the variety of novel solutions, inventions and new technologies developed by our Imperial researchers, students and alumni to tackle the shared challenges we face, and bring benefit to our society and the economy.

Enter our Enginuity Zone, you’ll get to perform robotic surgery, make music with your mind. You can or play quantum bingo and or learn how the strange science that rules supreme at the smallest scale might improve our future phones, tablet and laptops.

For petrol-heads you can put a zero carbon racing car through its paces or control car manufacturing robots, while thrill- seekers can watch whirling flaming tornadoes in action.

Fans of games, both old school and more modern will be entertained by both traditional board games and modern computer games that our researchers have adapted so they can be controlled with your bodies.