Symposium imageWednesday 12 July 2017
Lecture Theatre G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensington Campus

Come and join us for a one day Symposium on fluid dynamics and discover how diverse the field can be.  The event timetable and booklet are now available.

As the Fluids CDT encourages collaboration between many departments at Imperial, we endeavour to showcase a wide range of applications of fluid dynamics in student presentations throughout the day, and with guest speakers:

Laurette S. Tuckerman (PMMH-ESPCI Paris)

The Faraday instability: Floquet analysis, numerical simulation, and exotic patterns

When a fluid layer is vibrated at a sufficiently high amplitude, a pattern of standing waves appears at its surface. Because of the imposed periodicity, the corresponding linear stability problem is a Floquet problem. We explain how to easily solve this Floquet problem and we also report on the results of full three-dimensional nonlinear numerical simulations. Classically, the pattern takes the form of stripes, squares or hexagons, but we also describe and analyse more exotic spatio-temporal patterns such as quasipatterns, heteroclinic orbits, supersquares, and Platonic polyhedra.

Paul Linden (DAMTP Cambridge)

The fluid mechanics of sustainable architecture

Buildings are responsible for about 40% of global energy use and the consequent greenhouse gas emissions are a major contributor to climate change. Much of this energy use is associated with mechanical ventilation and air conditioning. I will describe the fluid mechanics associated with building ventilation and show that it is possible, using smart design and control systems, to minimise the use of mechanical cooling and replace it with natural ventilation where the airflow is driven by the wind and by buoyancy forces associated with temperature differences between the air in the building and the air outside. I will focus on the role laboratory experiments play in this research and highlight the value of simplified models that provide design guidance. I will also discuss how these ideas are currently being used to provide a decision support system that will enable designers to develop sustainable cities of the future.

Lunch and coffee will be provided during the day and we hope you will stick around for some drinks afterwards.


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