Taste Imperial is more than just food. We feel that we have a responsibility to protect and contribute to our community and environment, which means we are committed to serving locally grown, sustainable and ethically traded produce whilst also working to reduce the environmental impact of our food and how we package it.

Together with our partners at Greening Imperial, we are working hard on making our outlets more sustainable.

Sustainability campaigns

One Water

One WaterOne Water donate 100% of the profit made from the sale of their bottled water to life-changing clean water products in developing countries. Costing no more than other water brands, the money funds sustainable water solutions such as Elephant Pumps and PlayPumps which supply free and clean water to people who previously had to walk up to 10 kilometres to their nearest, often contaminated, water supply.

 Imperial’s sales of One Water have created two PlayPumps in Malawi, which use a specially crafted children’s roundabout to pump water from deep underground. As children play, fresh, clean water is pumped into a storage tank for use by the entire community.

London on Tap

London on Tap London on Tap is an initiative to reduce bottled water consumption and promote tap water in London’s cafés, bars and restaurants. Drinking water in the UK ranks among the safest and cleanest in the world and, in blind taste tests, regularly outperforms bottled alternatives. It is also more environmentally friendly: three out of four plastic water bottles will end up in landfill and, because of the transporting and packaging involved, bottled water has a much higher carbon footprint per litre than tap water- more than 300 times in the case of some brands!

Drinking water is freely available in all of our outlets, either from drinking fountains or provided in jugs and carafes for your convenience.

Sustainable Fish Cities

Sustainable Fish Cities The Sustainable Fish Cities campaign began in 2012 when a group of not-for-profit organisations came together to help the organisers of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games buy only sustainable fish. The campaign has since grown and its aim is now to make sure all of the seafood served across London and several other UK cities is demonstrably sustainable.

To help Sustainable Fish Cities achieve this goal we have committed to taking the following steps to ensure the seafood we sell is fished and farmed using sustainable methods.

1. Gather information
Check the seafood we currently serve and assess where we can improve the environmental sustainability of the seafood served.

2. Buy sustainably
Make sustainable seafood choices. Avoid seafood labelled ‘fish to avoid’ by the Marine Conservation Society, promote seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and improve the rest.

3. State our commitment
Further develop our policy on seafood sustainability and carry it out in our daily business.

4. Communicate clearly
Tell our customers, suppliers, employees and others about seafood sustainability, what we are doing about it and why it matters.

5. Influence wider progress
We are going to support positive change for fish, fisheries and marine resources and use our influence to encourage others to join our sustainable seafood journey.

Disposable coffee cup levy

In collaboration with Greening Imperial and in order to reduce the almost 2,750 single-use coffee cups previously used every day on campus, we charge a small levy on hot & cold drink orders served in disposable/single-use cups. We recommend you use a renewable coffee cup, with a variety of options available at cafes and shops around campus.

From Monday 2 September, the coffee cup levy will increase to 25p for each cup used, which has been calculated in line with average charges at high street coffee chains. The coffee cup levy in not-for-profit and is entirely reinvested into a variety of sustainability initiatives at Imperial which are agreed upon with Greening Imperial.