Current opportunities

Azoheteroarenes: Next-generation solid-state solar thermal fuels for heat release applications

We are seeking to recruit a PhD student on a project which concerns application of our photoswitchable molecules to materials science, specifically energy capture. More details can be found here. The project would suit a chemistry student with expertise in small molecule synthesis and with interests in applying this skillset to the development and study of materials for energy applications. Experience with photochemistry and materials science would be great, but not compulsory. The funding mainly requires UK citizenship although EU/overseas students are eligible if they have spent extended periods in the UK. For more details, please contact Professor Fuchter.

Available research opportunities

We are looking to recruit talented and dedicated scientists. If you are interested in working in the Fuchter group then please get in touch via email.

Postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral positions within the Fuchter group will be advertised when funding is available. However, for self-funding applicants, please get in touch via email.

PhD positions

PhD positions are available in the group each year, usually starting in October. If you are interested in a PhD in the Fuchter group then please get in touch via email. Imperial College requirements will need to be met and applicants will also need to apply via the normal college application route.