Multidisciplinary research driven by core engineering principles

The core of our research activites to engineer new materials for various applications is driven by four main engineering principles:

  1. Innovative manufacturing - Develop simple and cost effective manufacturing solutions to novel materials
  2. Green engineering - Instill the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle in materials development
  3. Formulation engineering - Utilise the fundamentals of colloids and interface science to enhance materials properties
  4. Interface engineering - Tailor the interface between two phases to maximise materials performance

Research focus

Research focus

Bacterial cellulose composites

Sustainable Materials Engineering

Applying green engineering principles to produce environmental friendly and high performance materials

Research focus:

  • Bacterial cellulose and nanofibrillated cellulose
  • Paper- and nanopaper-based composites
  • Natural fibre-reinforced polymer composites
  • Using waste and recycled materials as resources
Porous materilas

Emulsions and Foams Engineering

Engineering emulsions and foams to design porous materials using a "liquid-into-solid" concept

Research focus:

  • Surfactant- and particle-stabilised fluid-fluid systems
  • Emulsion and foam as templates for porous materials
  • High performance macroporous polymers
  • Membranes for advanced separation applications