The Geotechnics Section has three main laboratories; two dedicated to research and one to teaching. We have a long track record of high quality soil mechanics element testing.  Since the pioneering work of Professor Bishop and Professor Skempton we have continued to develop our laboratories to enable and facilitate world leading research.

 Our main laboratory resources include:

  • Three sizes of hollow cylinder apparatus.
  • Triaxial stress path apparatus capable of up to 10 MPa confining pressure.
  • Triaxial stress path apparatus testing sample sizes of 38 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm in diameter.
  • Ring shear and shear box apparatus.
  • Microscopy room.
  • Advanced testing apparatus with computer control and logging.
  • We also carry out joint research projects in other countries.
  • Our projects may have a combination of field, laboratory and analytical co-operation.
  • Site investigation and site testing.
  • Advanced strain and pressure instrumentation.
  • In-house design and development of advanced geotechnical testing apparatus and instrumentation.