Callers from the Telephone Campaign share their experiences of speaking with Imperial alumni

Our team of callers is always composed of students from across all four Faculties, from first year undergraduates to PhD candidates, all with their own unique experience of Imperial. Together they contact thousands of alumni in the UK, mainland Europe, and around the world. They have been wonderful ambassadors for Imperial and the funds that they raise help to support their fellow students, and the wider College community, through Imperial's ten new priority funds.

A few members of the current team have shared what they enjoyed about the campaign, and why the support of Imperial alumni is so important to them:

vsdfAlizeh Atif, MSc. Strategic Marketing

The opportunity to become a student caller has been very inspiring for me. My initial reason for joining the campaign was a practical one: to be able to earn some work experience at college and make use of the competitive salary. However, very soon I realised that this experience offered much more than that. Through participating in this telethon I have been able to reach out to alumni from a range of faculties and backgrounds, and have inspiring conversations about their experience, their career paths and in some cases about their most memorable life lessons. I have been able to enjoy colourful conversations, gain practical advice and during the process I have honed my skills of communication, negotiation and effective listening. 

I have also developed camaraderie with my team members, making full use of Imperial's diverse and rich student body. We shared some memorable moments where we celebrated our successful fundraising shifts and made sure we encouraged each other at every step of the process. It has been a thorough learning experience and has really added meaning to my year-long experience of Imperial College.


jvhMichael Samy, 1st Year, Medicine.

In the limited time that I have been studying at Imperial I have already witnessed the brilliant level of support the College offers to its students. There are projects designed to help improve and enhance student life, relieving the burdens of financial or personal concerns and allowing students to stay on track to completing their degree - none of which would be possible without the continued generosity and support of our alumni.

I applied to be part of this campaign because I wanted to help contribute to the Imperial community and ensure that the College is able to maintain its position as a centre of academic excellence, which makes it such an appealing and enthralling place to study for current and future students. In particular I wanted to contribute towards the Student Support Fund, which I have personally seen immensely benefit students by removing the financial barriers to education.  

I really enjoy speaking to alumni from various backgrounds and gaining invaluable advice from the experiences they’ve gained throughout their lives, especially from those in my desired field. It is truly fascinating to hear how much has changed since their graduation and it is a privilege to be able to help connect the College to its former students. I feel honoured to be a part of a team that is aiming to help maintain Imperial's world-class status for future generations.  

Qurratul A'yunie Qhaireel AnwarQurratul A'yunie Qhaireel Anwar, 1st Year, Medicine

University is demanding, and the transition from school is never easy. Workload, financial responsibility, socialising and moving out all threaten to snatch away the fun that university life is meant to offer. From the very first week however, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support Imperial had in place for us. The emphasis on seeking help on whatever issues we have has never faltered. As the weeks went by, although lectures on personal wellbeing and support were not always greeted with much enthusiasm from the students, it was always so empowering for me to know that in whatever situation we may face – financial stress, mental health or peer support – Imperial is there to help being the best in us and allow us to truly thrive and excel.  Be it directly through financial advice, bursaries or counselling, or indirectly through funding of the 300+ clubs and societies that continue to enrich the student experience at Imperial. 

It was this overwhelming support that inspired me to give back through the Telethon. I witness first hand just how much Imperial has invested in their students - I wanted to contribute to that as much as I could. I wanted to be able to assist in allowing Imperial to continuously prosper, not only in its academic achievements but also in the quality of its pastoral care. I come to each shift with great motivation that there will be an alumnus whose heart I can reach and who will be willing to give to Imperial. And I hope that my small act suffices as a means to give back to my University.


deferDaniel Chipchase, 3rd Year, Biology with Management

Entering my final year, I felt a desire to give something back to Imperial and learn more about the College’s fundraising efforts. I cannot stress how meaningful an experience it has been participating in the telephone campaign, not only when receiving generous donations to benefit current and future students, but also when learning from alumni about a variety of life experiences and career paths, and reconnecting them to our College community. I know that the value of my Imperial degree will benefit me throughout my life, and I hope I have played some part in securing that for the future cohorts of Imperial students. 

Studying at a world class institution like Imperial College is becoming increasingly accessible for those from a wide variety of backgrounds, which would not be possible without the fantastic effort of several programmes here, as well as the generous support of our alumni. During my time at Imperial, I have personally benefited from the Student Support Fund and the Outreach programme, whilst also witnessing many friends and colleagues receive assistance from other amazing College initiatives. The importance of these initiatives should not be underestimated, as they are an incredible asset and something which I, as an Imperial student, am very proud to have helped develop.



vfrvParidhi Poddar, 1st Year, Materials Science & Engineering

I initially joined the campaign for the opportunity to get connected with alumni and to learn about their careers. However, only after my first shift (which flew by!) did I discover that the campaign actually offered me so much more than just some work experience. My experience as a caller has been pleasantly informal in nature, as I enjoy attempting to build rapport with alumni and give them the opportunity to re-connect with Imperial. The campaign has also given me the opportunity to experience a sense of being professional, which I know will serve me well in the future. Speaking to alumni about my own time at Imperial, and updating them with the current developments at the College, allows me to feel much more connected to my University, and makes me proud that I am able to give back to the College community in this way. Ultimately, the campaign has enabled me to get to know new people and learn from them, listening to their life experiences and insights about Imperial and college life. This multi-dimensional experience is truly refreshing after a long day as a student of Imperial College.  


JohnJohn Oliver, 3rd Year, MEng Computer Science

As a beneficiary of the Student Support Fund, I am well aware of the College's determination that no student should be left behind. As a result of the help that I received from the College, via this fund, I was able to gain some self-confidence and continue to work on my course to the best of my ability. Imperial's Student Support Funds have helped hundreds of students like myself in recent years. With the cost of living in London going up and up, it is crucial that the College throws its weight behind projects like this fund, to ensure that obtaining an Imperial degree continues to be something available to people according to their academic abilities, not the depth of their pockets!

I signed up for the Telephone Campaign not only because I wanted to help support myself during my studies, but because I value the experiences I gain from it. Already I've had some wonderful conversations with Alumni, talking about their careers in areas that I hope to work in one day, myself. It's been great talking to alumni about how much has changed in the years since their graduation and I feel honoured to be a part of a team that is trying to help maintain Imperial's world-leading standards for years to come. 




Lothaire Gérard, 4th Year, Medicine

In my three and a bit years at Imperial I have gained a real wealth of knowledge and experiences,  through both my course and extracurricular activities. Studying here has not only shaped me as a professional but also helped me grow as an individual. I've loved every minute of my studies here so far and, as a medic, I still have a few more years to enjoy before I get the "Dr" in front of my name!

In my time here I have also seen the extent to which the College supports its students and how heavily the support of alumni can influence and enhance students' experiences. Both I, and a number of my friends, have benefited immeasurably from this support, alleviating pressures that may otherwise have impeded our studies, or worse. This pushed me to join the campaign. I wanted to help people to give back to this fantastic institution and make sure that Imperial retains everything that makes it such great place to study for years to come, for current and future students.