Over 7,500 donated to research and scholarships at Imperial in 2015-16. But who are our donors? And what motivates them to give?

Imperial’s donor community today stands at a record-breaking 7,701 – the greatest number ever to give to the College and double the number who gave just five years ago.

It’s an incredibly diverse group of people. Our youngest donor is 19, our oldest 102. We have supporters in 72 countries around the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Many donors are Imperial alumni, but a growing number have made a new connection to the College and its scientific research.

Why do people give to support research and education at Imperial? Many speak of their wish to “give something back” in gratitude for their own experience at Imperial, and the professional opportunities their education opened up for them. Others want today’s young people to be free to enjoy their university years, without having to worry about money all the time. For many it’s an interest in the science that motivates them to give.

Some donors give directly to their Faculty, via the Dean’s Funds, or help students thrive through the Student Support Fund. Some support College Initiatives such as improvements to the Library, or the community Outreach programme, while others choose to give ‘where the need is greatest’, helping the College respond quickly to its most urgent requirements. However they choose to direct their support, all are making a real and meaningful contribution to the College, its researchers, and its students.