Thank you from our students.

In September, we were joined by Professor Maggie Dallman and 4 students to discuss the impact of philanthropy on the student experience. It was a wonderful opportunity for alumni and friends to hear from students first-hand about the impact of their support.

Our student's were at different stages of their Imperial journey, but all had received donor funded support whether through a scholarship, bursary or hardship funding. It was clear what the support from donors meant to them. You can hear more from them in our thank you video below. 

Professor Maggie Dallman started the event with a short introduction, which encapsulated why philanthropy is even more important now than ever. She said:

"Imperial College London is a diverse university drawing students from all over the world as well as from all sorts of backgrounds, and we celebrate this diversity everyday. A university is only as good as its people and ensuring the best quality students can come to Imperial regardless of backgrounds is absolutely critical to us. You know coming to university is an expensive business and affordability can be a real barrier. Many of our students rely on being able to earn a part-time wage to see them through their time at university and actually often the most suitable jobs in terms of flexibility and availability are in the hospitality sector and we all know what’s happened to that sector over the past few months. 

Recent events have if it was ever needed brought into very sharp focus the opportunities arising from a university education, both intellectual and social. Whilst the pandemic is uppermost in peoples minds we shouldn’t forget that other issues that we face globally, including climate change, pollution, food security and so on, all areas that Imperial is involved in. Today’s students hold the future in their hands and the world absolutely needs people with the skills and knowledge that a university like Imperial imparts. Your support helps remove barriers and brings the brightest and best to our university and is needed now more than ever."

You can watch the full event below, including a Q&A session with our student panel beginning at 10.48.

Panel discussion from four Imperial students and Professor Maggie Dallman.

Celebration of Student Support

On the 30th September, alumni and friends joined us from across the globe to hear from Professor Maggie Dallman and our panel of students.