Thank you!

Student Nabeel Chaudary During my time at Imperial, I have met lots of interesting, hardworking and ambitious people from all over the world. I have really enjoyed getting to know them and have learnt so much.

The diverse range of projects available on my course have been really interesting and through this I have gained a wide range of skills.

I am currently working on a research project on the solar cyclone tower. It’s an interesting project because the solar cyclone tower gives a solution to many of problems the world currently faces, such as carbon capture, water production and renewable energy production. The work on this project can make significant positive contributions to society in the near future and it is something I look forward to pursuing further in my career.

I am a member of the Imperial badminton society which has allowed me to balance my time more and pursue a hobby I have always enjoyed. Being a member of this society has helped me maintain my physical health, which I believe also has a positive effect on my mental health.

The pandemic has significantly impacted my studies and my overall experience at Imperial. Learning is predominately online and I haven’t been able to take part in the clubs and societies that I enjoy which has been challenging.

After my degree I hope to pursue a career in consulting, as it’s a great way to be involved in a range of projects. I am also passionate about tackling climate change and the education barrier for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. I hope to get involved in tackling these issues in the future.

The Imperial Bursary has allowed me to focus on my studies and not worry about financial issues that would limit my enjoyment and experience on my course. I used the Imperial Bursary to get involved more in clubs and societies and for social activities. This has allowed me to maximise on my overall student experience at university.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the alumni and friends for supporting the Imperial Bursary, I appreciate receiving this support.

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