Thank you!

Student Rahman Al-ShabazzAs a Mechanical Engineering student, I have learnt to manage workloads well, a skill I believe is important for my career. I have also grown in my determination to keep expanding my knowledge and understanding. I enjoy both the practical and theoretical side of my course and my final year project involves the integration of theoretical knowledge (such as the laws of physics) into machine learning models to reduce the need for training data in stress analysis problems. I feel it will have a real impact on how these problems are tackled and will improve the efficiency of engineering practice. Through my work, I can see how the methods I am discovering can be applied outside of the engineering field. I look forward to using these methods for my own projects in the future.

The African Caribbean Society has provided me with a community of students who share the same culture. This has definitely had a great impact on my time at the College as it has provided me with extra-curricular activities to get involved with that are centred around African culture – something very important to me. Additionally, I have been able to meet a wide range of people outside my course that has strengthened the community feeling I have when in the College. Through this society I have taken part in events including the annual showcase ‘Afrogala.’

Due to the pandemic I have not been able to build friendships with people on the same modules as me. I believe the College is trying to help students enjoy a normal university experience, but it is hard to replace the feel of in-person teaching and social interactions, especially those that occur spontaneously like in the hallways.

Through the Bursary Fund I was able to stay in London during the summer of 2019 despite my internship being cancelled. During this time I didn’t have consistent income however, I was able to meet up with designers and people in the creative industry and built upon my network of professionals within the sector. As well as this, I did not have to worry about financials over the course of the pandemic, something I consider a blessing and appreciate greatly. It has meant that I can focus solely on my studies and not have to worry about rent and living costs.

The support from alumni of the College has undoubtedly had a very positive impact of the lives of students receiving the bursary. I am immensely grateful for the support the fund has provided, it has definitely changed my life for the better. The opportunities and experiences I have been able to enjoy as a result of the bursary scheme are invaluable.

The Bursary Fund ensures students like Rahman in the Faculty of Engineering are supported to succeed and thrive on their academic journey. Find out more about the impact of giving for students like Rahman.