Thank you!

Student Yuktha Andie RavinthiranI chose to study at Imperial as the Molecular Bioengineering Department is the best in the world and the course is innovative. I was also drawn to the outstanding research, especially from Dr Adam Celiz.

So far I am enjoying learning the theory and how it will be used in the future when I return to campus. The lab is one of my favourite parts of ther course, especial when we explore DNA, fingerprinting and hydrogels. After the hydrogels lab, I’ve been looking at the versatile uses of it in bioengineering, particularly tissue engineering. To connect with others specifically within this field I have started using my LinkedIn page to build upon my network. After my degree I hope to pursue a career in tissue engineering combined with regenerative medicine to then potentially go into a research field.

During the pandemic I have felt a bit disconnected and overall, had a lot less motivation. However, the College did support me through the scholarship and as well as those within my department. Visiting to the labs in person has been a very helpful and enjoyable learning experience.

Before coming to Imperial I wish that I was told that the methods used for A-level may not be transferable when at University. Also, regardless of the different groups on campus you’ll always find people very similar to you. The advice I would give to anyone thinking of applying to Imperial is prepare to work hard but make sure to give yourself time to relax and get to know others.

The support from the President’s Scholarship has enabled me to buy a new iPad to make all my notes digital. It’s been handy and helped me organise myself in a much better way.

I really appreciate the help and support from the President’s Scholarship Fund and look forward to being more involved in my department.

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