President's Scholar and first year student Abhinaya Chandrashekar is excited to pursue her passion for medicine and make the most of her time at Imperial.

Abhinaya Chandrashekar, Medicine

During my first year I have discovered an interest in the field of Paediatrics. Joining ICSM Paediatrics Society has given me an insight into paediatrics at the hospital, which I enjoyed and would love to continue with in my future career.

I am part of ICSM Hockey, music, Paediatrics as well as cultural societies. I have thoroughly enjoyed them this year, particularly in hockey matches and music performances. Being part of the societies allowed me to get to know new and different people across the university. I have even applied for committee positions for societies for next year.

I hope to get a well-rounded experience during my time here through getting involved in societies and clubs to try new things. I hope to improve my skills in music and sport-- aspects I think are important in making me a well-rounded individual. I hope these will be interests I can continue with post graduation. Academically, I hope to fulfil my potential in my medical degree at Imperial, as well as broaden my knowledge through engaging in other experiences such as conferences and workshops.

I was initially drawn towards Imperial due to its reputation as not only an incredible medical school but as a leading institution in research and advances in medicine. The educational challenge and constant learning curve is something I continue to appreciate. I greatly enjoy the medical course, particularly the more interactive aspects of the course. So far, it has been challenging yet rewarding and the educational support through small group teaching has been great. Imperial offered the ability to get involved in a variety of welcoming clubs and societies whilst being educationally supported. This balance is an aspect that interested me when first applying and is something I greatly value.

I would like to thank the donors a great deal for their generosity- the scholarship has allowed me to take part in new learning experiences. I used the President’s Scholarship to gain the most out of the experiences Imperial offers. It has encouraged and enabled me to broaden my horizons at Imperial and pursue my interests, both academically and otherwise.