For medical student Ailbie Smith, a President’s Scholarship is helping with the costs of living in London and freeing up time for extracurricular activities.

Ailbie SmithThe College has one of the largest and greatest medical schools in the world, with a number of superb resources and teaching hospitals. It’s also in London, which is often the centre for new research in medicine.

I am enjoying my lectures the most – although there are a lot of them – I am loving the opportunity to learn something new each day in an area that I am interested in. One of my favourite parts of the course so far has been the endocrinology unit. The teachers were excellent and it covered a lot of content that I've wanted to know about for a long time.

We also recently did a small research assessment on a case study about a woman with osteoporosis who was worried that the treatment she was being offered was not safe. The coursework involved critically appraising some of the literature used in the write-up, which is important for me as I would like to do research in the future.

When I’m not studying, I also take part in the School of Medicine rowing club, which is often hard work but also great fun as you spend time with friends in a team.

When I finish my degree I would like to work as a doctor in a hospital with the intention of eventually becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. The money from my President’s Scholarship has contributed to living costs, allowing me to focus on my studying while living comfortably. I also put some of the money towards a couple of books to help me with my learning. I would like to thank all the alumni and friends for their donations, it is extremely kind of them and it is helping enormously with various aspects of my time at Imperial.