For second year Medicine student Wan Wei Ang, the President’s Scholarship Fund is helping expose her to a diverse range of culture and academia.

angI was instantly drawn towards Imperial as I knew I would have the opportunity to be taught by world-class lecturers, and interact with peers equipped with sound knowledge and skills. I was positive that the conducive and challenging study environment at Imperial would bring out the best in me; so far, I have not been proven otherwise.

The diversity amongst the student body has really opened my eyes to the world. As an international student, I never had the opportunity to interact with people of so many different cultures. It really is interesting as everyone has differing opinions and practices, which is great for creating innovative ideas. The President’s Scholarship really helped me to buy all the essentials and amenities that were required for me to settle down in another country. Words cannot express how helpful this scholarship was to me as it really provided me with the financial support that I needed.

As I have always been fascinated by science, I have really enjoyed the lecture contents that were given to us. It’s fantastic that I am attending lectures given by professors who are experts in their fields, and so our learning is always at the cutting edge.

Problem-Based Learning is a module in Medicine where 10 students come together, brainstorm ideas and work out a diagnosis for the case presented to us. I have found this really helpful as it has enhanced my communication skills, my teamwork ability and also my confidence in presentations.

I am going to work on a research case study in the summer. I will be collecting data on efficiency in theatre and list out the causes of delays in surgery, in particular orthopaedic surgery. As I am interested in being an orthopaedic surgeon, not only does this give me the opportunity to witness surgery in action, but also it allows me to have an attempt in an area of research which I have not been exposed to before.

I hope to learn a vast amount medical knowledge which is critical for me to be a skilled doctor. I also hope to be able to carry out research which I am enthusiastic about in my fourth year and if given the opportunity, publish a paper on it. I hope to discover even more strengths in myself and also improve on my weaknesses throughout my time here in Imperial.