Thanks to his President’s Scholarship, Syed Ahmed is delving deep into his scientific studies and immersing himself in Imperial’s global spirit.

Syed Sharique AhmedImperial is one of the foremost universities of science and technology and has a reputation for excellence which I wanted to partake in. Also, studying in the heart of the vivid city of London is an offer one can't pass on.

The diversity at Imperial helps foster a global spirit and facilitates the exploration of cultural differences – something I enjoy a lot. Making friends from every part of the world and studying together at a world-class institution is incredible.

My course is highly interdisciplinary and places emphasis on lab work. This is the most exciting part of the course, allowing me to explore the science behind myriad fields from the very beginning.

I wish to hone these skills of scientific understanding and employ them to the cutting-edge research and innovation taking place at Imperial. At the same time, I wish to help people in need by providing them with the fruits of my education and hard work.

To all those who support the President’s Scholarship Fund, I would say: your generosity enables us to follow our dreams and reach the unimaginable heights. I can't possibly express my gratitude. I do hope you continue to support the generations to come.