Edwina Rossi and Hadi Alagha are two of the 130 exceptional young people who received a prestigious President’s Scholarship in 2018–19 – thanks to the 1,054 people who gave to the President’s Scholarship Fund this year. Together, your support combines to create new opportunities.

The light of hope

A President’s PhD Scholarship offered Dr Hadi Alagha the chance to study alongside some of the world’s leading researchers in orthopaedics – and to develop the skills and knowledge to help shape care for orthopaedics and trauma patients worldwide.

“It is a privilege to be at Imperial, working with the team at the Musculoskeletal Lab. The surgical technologies being developed here can be used to meet the needs of patients around the world. As someone who fled the war in Syria, I’m incredibly grateful for your generous support for the President’s PhD Scholarships. Without a scholarship, coming to Imperial would have been challenging. Once the situation permits, I hope the skills and knowledge I gain at Imperial will be a light of hope for the people of Syria.”


The gift of self belief

For Edwina Rossi, the award of a prestigious scholarship felt like a vote of confidence in her abilities, giving her faith in her academic potential and the boost she needed to excel in her studies.

"Knowing that I was chosen to receive such a prestigious scholarship was a great boost. It showed that Imperial believed in me. Now, whenever I doubt my academic potential amongst all the brilliant minds at Imperial, I remind myself of why I was awarded the President’s Scholarship. Thanks to your generosity, I’ve realised that working hard always pays off. Truly, thank you.”