There are opportunities to give to support work in specific fields: chemical engineering, ageing, global health and bone disease.

The support of alumni and friends is advancing research and education across the College – supporting scholarships, providing world-class laboratory equipment and enabling scientific discovery.

There are four areas where your support can make a difference:

ChemEngSpace Fund

The ChemEngSpace Fund provides laboratory equipment and funds PhD research scholarships in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Give to the ChemEngSpace Fund

Lifelong Health Project

Caring for the world’s ageing population is bringing with it financial, social and medical challenges. Researchers in the Lifelong Health Project at Imperial are developing responses to those challenges – from research on Alzheimer’s disease, to new technologies to help older people live more independently. Give to the Lifelong Health Project

Institute of Global Health Innovation

The Institute of Global Health Innovation brings together scientists, engineers, medical researchers and healthcare workers to create new solutions to global health problems facing people around the world. You can donate to support undergraduate student projects, PhD studentships and research fellowships. Give to the Institute of Global Health Innovation

Origins of Bone and Cartilage Disease Project

Bone and cartilage disorders affect millions of people worldwide. To develop effective treatments we need to better understand the genetic causes of bone and joint disease. Your donation will help the Origins of Bone and Cartilage Disease Project to identify the genes involved in bone and joint structure, function, and in the development of disease. Give to the Origins of Bone and Cartilege Disease Project