Your gift to the President’s Scholarship Fund enables our brightest and best to realise their full potential – regardless of financial background.

President's Scholar Paris HattonBy making a gift to the President’s Scholarship Fund, you help us to provide financial support to the most promising students, enabling them to make the most of the many opportunities for academic and personal growth at Imperial. Our ambition is for every Imperial student to enjoy a rich and fulfilling university experience, regardless of their financial background.

Through the President’s Scholarship Fund, we ensure that our best and brightest students can fulfil their potential at Imperial, without being held back by money worries. A scholarship allows students to focus 100% on their studies, without the distraction of part-time work. The financial support of a President’s Scholarship also enables students to take up unpaid internships over the summer – giving them an early advantage in their chosen career. Scholarships also allow students to develop life and leadership skills, by participating fully in sporting, musical and social activities.

Your gift to the President’s Scholarship Fund will change lives

Biochemistry student Paris Hatton knows that without the support of her President’s Scholarship, she would have had to take on extra hours at her part-time job, risking her grades.

“I would not have been able to get the grades I achieved, were it not for my scholarship. The impact the scholarship had on my time at Imperial is immense.”

President’s Scholarships are funded solely through the support of donors like you – which means that every donation has direct and immediate impact on students like Paris.

Make a gift today and help set our talented scholars on a path to success.

  • Scholars receive £1,000 per year for the duration of their course, and scholarships are awarded across all four faculties.
  • Since the President’s Scholarship Fund was established in 2010, more than 500 gifted students have received an award.
  • Recipients of the award are handpicked by their department as the most promising in their field.
  • The President’s Scholarship Fund is solely funded through generous donations from alumni, staff, students and friends of the College.

Together, 1,722 donors generously gave £297,816 to the President's Scholarship Fund last financial year. Thank you.