Academic excellence is at the heart of an Imperial education – but success in life requires broader talents. A gift to the Student Excellence Fund helps to fund sporting, cultural and social activities that build confidence, develop skills and enrich the university experience.

Student clubs and societies are a vital part of College life, enabling students to make new friends, to broaden their horizons and to gain new skills. Your gift to Student Experience Fund provides additional support to these groups, enabling students to explore their passion for sport, music, drama, dance or voluntary service.

Students in libraryImperial is renowned for academic excellence, but we want to strengthen student activities outside the lecture theatre, workshop and lab. Participating in student clubs and societies helps young people to develop communication and leadership skills. Regular exercise also helps students to stay healthy – and promotes good mental health.

Student wellbeing is at the core of what we do

And these services are vital.  As Professor Denis Wright, Director of Student Support said, “We’re building a student-centric programme, where student needs and wellbeing are all at the heart of everything we do.  It’s my job to prevent anything that poses a barrier to study, and to intervene before the problem becomes chronic or even a disability.”

Thanks to our generous donors in 2015-16, we have been able to fund a range of extra-curricular activities, and offer more students than ever before access to disability and mental health services.  This kind support has truly made a difference to some of our most vulnerable students, and we are truly grateful.

Gifts support healthy minds and bodies

The Student Experience Fund underwrites an incredible range of programmes, which means that your gift has the capacity to make an impact at every level of the Imperial experience.  Whether you’re interested in helping students polish their CVs and interview skills, or learn a musical instrument, or maintain physical and emotional health through exercise and competitive sports, you can ensure every student’s time studying at Imperial is as enriching and well-supported as possible.  

Please make a gift today, and help us provide the support that every student needs to excel.

Together, 141 donors generously gave £30,399 to the Student Experience Fund last financial year. Thank you.