The 2018 World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) took place on the 14th and 15th November in Doha. Some 2,000 healthcare innovators, researchers and policy-makers attended the event aimed at addressing the most pressing global healthcare challenges of today.

WISH is an initiative of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and works in partnership with the Centre for Health Policy within Imperial's Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI). Since launching in 2013, WISH has become a global community that has worked to capture and spread evidence-based content and practices in global healthcare, with the goal of influencing healthcare policy across the world.

The theme of 2018’s event – the initiative’s fourth Summit – was “One”, emphasising the need to work together to find common goals that can improve health for all. 

The event highlighted an opportunity to spur positive change in a number of topics that were identified as in urgent need of innovation. These spanned a diverse range of areas, from medicine and ethics to care during humanitarian crises.

Internationally renowned researchers working within these fields took part in panel discussions, or Forums, to share the best evidence-based information concerning the topics. Each Forum then produced a report that identified achievable solutions which, if implemented, could make an impact on healthcare globally. This year’s Forums focussed on the following nine topics:

On top of these subjects, the event encouraged innovators to showcase their bright ideas and products that they’ve designed to cut costs in healthcare and improve the patient experience. These included making skin grafts from the tilapia fish to treat severe burns, and a robot that helps deaf children improve their vocabulary through play.

As with previous years, WISH 2018 also brought together a high-calibre set of speakers and panellists. Keynote speakers this year included International Rescue Committee CEO and President, David Miliband, former President of Ireland and member of the ‘Elders’, Mary Robinson, and world-champion swimmer, Michael Phelps.

For further information about the Summit, visit the WISH website.