Ernst Chain Building The Glycobiology Training, Research and Infrastructure Centre (GlycoTRIC) was established in June 2004 to promote interdisciplinary study of the functions of sugars in biology and their roles in human health and disease thus providing an outstanding environment for research training in the field of glycobiology.

GlycoTRIC is a multi-disciplinary centre which facilitates glycobiology research at the interface between life sciences, the physical sciences and medicine. It includes research groups from the Faculties of Natural Sciences and Medicine at Imperial College London.

The aims of the Centre are:

1. To combine traditional disciplines of oligosaccharide chemistry, receptor biochemistry, cell biology and physiology with novel tools and approaches, to address key aspects of biology that are ripe for new understanding. This approach promises to revolutionise our understanding of what sugars do.

2. To facilitate interactions between groups knowledgeable in glycobiology and those positioned to apply this knowledge to the understanding of disease processes and the development of therapeutic approaches. These interactions are essential to exploit the knowledge base being developed.

3. To provide multidisciplinary training that will address a current deficit in researchers able to combine the necessary knowledge and skills to advance the field.

Image right: Ernst Chain Building, Wolfson Laboratories