Studentships FAQs

Are the studentships funded?

All studentships are funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). For 2017-18, funding covers home/EU fees (set by department), a yearly stipend of £16,553 and project consumables.

Field work costs may also be covered.

How many studentships are you funding?

In 2017-18 we offered 15 NERC-funded studentships and 3 Grantham-funded studentships.

How long are the studentships for?

3.5 years

What is the deadline?

We are not currently advertising our next round of studentships. These will be on our website in October 2017.

Student applications must be submitted by early January 2018 for October 2018 start.

How do I apply?

When projects are being listed on our website, choose the project that you would like to apply for and contact the lead supervisor with a cover letter and CV (don't wait for the deadline) to apply.

How do I complete the Imperial Application Form?

I searched for the department/SSCP DTP in the Postgraduate Programme Search and can't find it
The SSCP does not appear in the search, you should use the lead supervisor's department.

These are the most common issues when searching for a department:

  • BGS/CEH/Kew/Met Office/NHM/ZSL (Partner Institution) Projects: Please apply using the Imperial College department listed second (e.g. NHM/Earth Science & Engineering)
  • Centre for Environmental Policy: Search for FJZ1- Environmental Research

Do I submit a Personal Statement or Research Proposal?
Please upload a Personal Statement. This can be 1-2 pages long.

How do I complete the finance section?

Finance Section













I may not be able to send my references before the application deadline, what can I do?
The deadline for references to be received is actually set by the lead supervisor and their department. Please contact the supervisor of the project you are applying for and ask when they will last accept references.

I have more questions about the application form that are not covered here
If you have further questions about completing the form and the documents it requires, please contact the Registry team. You can find their contact information here under the Admissions tab.

Am I eligible?

The DTP is funded by NERC which follows Research Councils UK's harmonised postgraduate terms and conditions regarding student eligibility. See page 11 for more details, the important points are quoted below:

"To be eligible for a full award a student must have:

  • Settled status in the UK, meaning they have no restrictions on how long they can stay,
  • Been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the studentship.
    This means they must have been normally residing in the UK (apart from temporary or occasional absences)
  • Not been residing in the UK wholly or mainly for the purpose of full-time education.
    (This does not apply to UK or EU nationals)."

If you have further questions regarding eligibility, download this PDF, then please contact the specific Registry Admissions team for your faculty.

Where will I be based?

Students will be registered and based in the Imperial department of their supervisor.

If a project is with a partner institution, students will have the opportunity to work at their partner sites - the length of which depends on the project. Students who split their time between Imperial College London and a partner institution must be on site at Imperial for at least 2 months per year, as per PRI agreement.

Can I apply for more than one project?

Yes, but if you are invited in for an interview, you must let the supervisor know that you have applied for more than one project.

Do I need to have a masters degree to apply?

No, you need a minimum of a bachelors degree to apply for these studentships.

Please note that there is strong competition for our studentships and many of the applicants will already have a masters.

Can I do an MRes/Is this a 1+3 studentship?

No, we do not offer an MRes option or follow the 1+3 model. Our studentships are 3.5 years entirely at PhD level.

Can I do the PhD programme part time?

No, the SSCP DTP only offers full-time PhD studentships

Programme FAQs

I've been awarded a non-SSCP studentship at Imperial, can I still join your programme?

In addition to the 15 NERC funded places, each cohort has an additional 15 places for other PhD students to align with our programme and receive our training. You can apply for one of these places within 3 months of your start date.

Please email the Administrator - Education, Linnea Luuppala, to enquire about aligning

What if my fieldwork/travel commitments clash with training?

The training we provide occurs in the first year of the PhD. All training is compulsory.

Training dates will be announced with as much notice as possible and first year students are expected to attend every workshop. If there is an unavoidable reason why students cannot attend training, they must inform the Education team of the reason as soon as possible.

Students who miss training workshops in their first year are expected to attend the missed workshop in their second year.

Can you send me some programme details?

All the details of our programme are located on our programme page.