The Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP has a large number of exciting research projects which cover the breadth of the world-class research conducted at Imperial College and by our partners. These projects address three great environmental management opportunties and challenges we all face as identified by NERC.

Benefiting from natural resources

Natural resources sustain life, wellbeing and economic activity. Yet growing UK and world pipulations make ever greater demands on food, water, energy, minerals and other essential services we get from nature. Our students research how environmental processes control resource availability, and how we can use resources responsibly.

Read more in a report by Jonathan Bosch, a second year SSCP DTP PhD student researching transitions to low-carbon energy systems.

Resilience to environmental hazards

Hazards occur when vulnerable communities face sudden or severe effects of environmental processes, such as extreme weather, earthquakes, pollution and invasive species.  Our students are working to increase our understanding of the processes that create natural and man-made hazards so that we are better equipped to manage vulnerability, risk, response and recovery.

Read more in the report by Malcom Graham, a second year SSCP DTP PhD student researching saline intrusion in coastal aquifers.

Managing environmental change

Environmental variability is natural, but human activities are directly causing additional physical, chemical and biological changes to our environment - often at scales and speeds never before encountered. Our students are researching how the processes of natural variability and man-made change work -to inform responsible management of the environment and to understand the consequences of engineering our environment and climate.

Read more in a report by Rebecca Emerton, a first year SCENARIO DTP PhD student researching approaches to global forecasting of flood risk.