The Grantham Changing Planet Seminars occur on most Wednesdays, 16.00 - 17.00 in the Grantham Institute Boardroom, and are followed by a drinks reception.

Organisation of the seminar series is student led and supported by the Grantham Institute. The aim is to complement the diversity of research here at Imperial College London and promote links to the broader environmental community in UK and beyond.

Previous speakers have included:

  • Lord Nicholas Stern, IG Paten Professor of Economics and the Environment
  • Josue Tanaka, Managing Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Redevelopment
  • Jan Semenza, Head of the Scientific Assessment Section at the European Centre for Disease Prevention in Stockholm
  • Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Have a look below at our upcoming seminars.

Seminar Series Dates & Times
 19 April  Will Rimington & Hannah Norman SSCP DTP Students, Life Sciences & Natural History Museum
 3 May  Gary Kass Deputy Chief Scientist, Natural England
 31 May  Pria Ghosh
SSCP DTP StudentSchool of Public Health
 7 June  Professor David Karoly Professor of Atmospheric Science in the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne
 7 June  Jiajun CenRenato Cabral SSCP DTP StudentsChemical Engineering & Centre for Environmental Policy
 14 June  Professor Alice Bows-Larkin Professor of Climate Science & Energy Policy, University of Manchester
 21 June  Alex Griffiths & Naomi Pratt SSCP DTP StudentsEarth Science & Engineering
 5 July  Andrea Calderon Irazoque & Alex Hughes SSCP DTP StudentsCentre for Environmental Policy & Earth Science & Engineering
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