Broadening your essential skills

Our programme trains students to the highest level possible, providing them with the skills and knowledge they will need to become a future leader in their field. We do this by providing students with training opportunities that address key skills shortages identified below; an aspect which gives distinct advantage in future employment prospects.




Students are challenged to work on solutions on the path to climate innovation, and are exposed to current innovators who impact and shape the world's economy and environment.



Examples of specific applications from research and practice will be used to develop awareness of modelling including model hierarchies, assessment of model error, and design and diagnosis of experiments.

Risk and Uncertainty

Understanding Risk & Uncertainty

Developing students' ability to assess and make decisions in the context and presence of uncertainty, delivered by statisticians and economists working with partners.

Sustainability & TRP



Exploring sustainability issues by inviting key leaders from the business and scientific community, NGOs and government to give workshops on how they consider sustainability issues.


Translating Research into Practice

Working with business and public bodies (e.g. Shell, NHM, Kew, ZSL, Government) to develop skills to communicate and apply science to inform decision-making in business and policy.

How the programme is structured

Students at workEach key skills area will be taught as a day long workshop for SSCP DTP students in the first year of their PhD. Workshops combine lecturing with hands-on collaborative activities. Training is provided by academics from Imperial College London as well as prominent external speakers.

SSCP DTP students will also become part of a Challenge Team, which use out-of-the-box thinking to collaboratively produce a year-long project.

Professional skills training through the Graduate School, fieldwork and secondments are also important aspects of the programme which are supported by the SSCP DTP team, as well as the students' supervisors.

Interested in learning more?

We hold open days in December every year. However, why not call in at the Grantham Institute and attend one of our regular special lectures and meet us in person. We will be happy to talk to you regarding opportunities with the Doctoral Training Partnership.

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