Understanding the processes underpinning our planet’s climate is fundamental  to predicting future change. This research theme focuses on expanding our knowledge of the oceans and atmosphere and the way in which these systems influence one another, forming the basis for more accurate climate models. Evaluating the confidence that can be placed in these projections is also crucial to devising effective policies.

What's new?

topographical map of Antarctica

Research: ICECAP 2 - Exploring Antarctica


The ICECAP 2 project is using geophysical data from aerial surveys to explore the last major frontier of the Antarctic ice sheet, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of Antarctica’s role in global climate processes. Read more


Publication: Ocean heat update and global temperature

What caused the recent slowdown in global temperature rise? Our latest briefing paper considers the impact of changes in ocean circulation on global temperatures. Read more

Oak leaves

Blog: How much CO2 can trees take up?

Rebecca Thomas considers the role of the biosphere as a carbon sink, and assesses whether planting trees can really offset carbon emissions. Read now

Our projects

earth's atmosphere


IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

Find out how Grantham Institute research is contributing to research areas outlined in the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report. Read more

Convection map


Extra-tropical ocean-atmosphere coupling through moist convection

An investigation of whether moist convection could  play a role in ocean-atmosphere coupling away from the tropics.

Read more

Climate modelling


Advanced computational science for climate modelling

Applying the latest scientific computing and computer science technology to computational problems in the Earth System. Read more