Climate-KIC logoThe Cleantech Accelerator Programme run out of the Imperial College Centre for Cleantech Innovation is an open-ended start-up accelerator, aimed specifically at businesses that will have a climate change impact. It offers early stage entrepreneurs access to one on one coaching with experience professionals, business masterclasses, a free incubator work-space and equity-free grant finance. Above all, it provides the opportunity to be part of the largest clean-tech incubation community in the world. This programme is funded by Climate-KIC.

How it works

Stage 1

  • Apply for stage 1
  • Applications reviewed for 8-10 weeks
  • Acceptance onto the Programme & an introductory 2-day workshop.
  • Imperial advisors work with teams for 4-6 weeks.
  • Submit documents.
  • Final 5 minute pitch & presentation to a panel of the idea and business model options.
  • Successful completion of Stage 1 unlocks a €10k grant.


  • A market prioritisation matrix.
  • Analysis of business model options, with a focus on market positioning.
  • A commercial research plan for market engagement.

Stage 2

  • Flexible working to further develop business idea.
  • Focus on market research, customer & partner engagement and validation of the business model.
  • Application to move to Stage 3 when teams feel they are ready.
  • Successful completion of Stage 2 unlocks a €20k grant.


  • Evidence of at least 50 market meetings with customers, partners and others.
  • Validated business model.

Stage 3

  • Final stage, with the intention that the business is at the point of commercialization upon exit.
  • Successful completion of Stage 2 unlocks a €30k grant.


  • Full business plan.
  • Evidence of investor traction, preferably in the form of a high level term sheet.

To be eligible to apply you must be a UK-based team with time to commit to developing your business, and be either unincorporated or incorporated for less than a year. Criteria for selection onto the programme include: climate impact; scalability; team; uniqueness of IP / business differentiation; chances of success.

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