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As our climate and environment change, identifying what action can be taken to minimise the scale of these changes is essential. This theme addresses some of the most important political, economic and technological challenges of making the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable world. Working with decision makers in policy and business the Institute is helping to evaluate the pathways and policies needed to make this transition.

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Energy storage infographic

Infographic: Energy storage technologies

Energy storage technologies go head to head in our infographic  Read more

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The path to a low-carbon future

The Grantham Institute is working with policymakers, business leaders and researchers to evaluate decarbonisation pathways and help make the transition to a low-carbon future. Find out more

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Climate change mitigation

Find out about research into climate change mitigation at Imperial. Read more

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Climate change mitigation policy

This research programme aims to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of policy responses to climate change at multiple levels - national, regional and international.  Read more

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Growing without carbon

Researchers at Imperial are helping Sainsbury's reduce its carbon footprint. Read more

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Energy systems modelling and low-carbon development pathways

Meeting ambitious mitigation targets will require systemic change, which must begin early if we are to reduce climate risks . Read more