Since 2012, the Grantham Institute has been working closely with China’s Energy Research Institute (ERI) on reforming international energy governance. As the world’s largest energy market, China’s participation in global governance is essential to successfully tackle pressing challenges, such as climate change and global warming. However, international institutions, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), pre-date the rise of developing nations like China, meaning that some major economies are not involved in key collaborations. Similarly, China is still in the process of opening up to international cooperation. 

However, changes are taking place – and the joint projects of the Grantham Institute and the ERI have been influential. For example, China is now part of an association with the IEA.  But there is more to do. The meeting of Ministers, on 7 and 8 November,  was of vital importance because it considered the next steps in developing the Association, including the possibility of eventually opening the IEA up to wider membership.  In this Discussion Document, Next steps of modernisation of the IEA, October 2017Neil Hirst and Professor Yufeng Yang review the options for the modernisation of the IEA  and offer their recommendations for the conclusions of the Ministerial.

Other publications

Second interim report (March 2016) 

This second interim report updates our previous recommendations in the light of recent events and suggests some options for China’s Association with the IEA and the proposed IEA/China Centre, for the reform of energy governance institutions, and for China’s G20 Presidency.

First interim report (November 2015)

In the run-up to the IEA’s Ministerial meeting in November 2015, the IEA issued a first interim report, mainly concerned with strengthening China’s relations with the IEA.