Carbon capture technology: future fossil fuel use and mitigating climate change - Grantham Briefing Paper 3

Topics: Mitigation
Type: Briefing paper
Publication date: November 2010



Authors: Dr Nicholas Florin and Dr Paul Fennell

coal power station The global challenge of achieving the significant CO2 emissions reductions necessary to mitigate climate change cannot be overstated. Far-reaching strategies must be deployed to achieve reductions in every sector, including: improving the efficiency of energy transformation, improving end-use energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy sources, increased use of nuclear power, behavioural and lifestyle changes to reduce demand, as well as carbon capture and storage applied to power generation and industry (CCS)—the focus of this Briefing Paper.


  • Introduction
  • Technology review
  • Research agenda
  • Reducing the efficiency penalty and the cost of capture
  • Capture technology specific RD&D programmes
  • From pilot to commercial-scale deployment
  • Policy issues and international context
  • Conclusions

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