To help Cic provide the best support (and avoid possible delays in call answering) in the current circumstances, we encourage you to email Cic with requests by using

Confidential Care

Confidential Care

Confidential Care

The 'Confidential Care' EAP

All College staff and members of their family living with them can get free professional and confidential help from Confidential Care, the College's Employee Assistance Provider, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please call 0800 085 4764 or email.

Confidential Care's help line, staffed by trained counsellors, can provide information and advice on a wide range of work and life issues and cover:

  • Coping with organisational and workplace change
  • Work performance and related issues
  • Bullying/Harassment
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Post-trauma
  • Bereavement
  • Marital, family and relationship difficulties
  • Alcohol/Substance misuse and addictive behaviour
  • Health
  • Work-life balance
  • Debt management and debt counselling
  • Legal information and advice
  • Family Care information and advice

You can also speak or arrange to meet with a qualified counsellor to talk through personal problems in complete confidence. Couples counselling is available for staff with relationship problems.

Learn more about the help Confidential Care can provide you here 

Family Care

Family Care

You can have access to a specialised service to assist you dealing with a wide range of practical issues relating to child care, elder care, disability care.  There is no limit on the complexity or the number of requests that can be made, providing that the requests are ethical and legal.  Every service or individual recommended is thoroughly vetted and checked for sustainability and availability.

Due to the nature of the queries this service is available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.  Issues can include:

  • Finding a nursery, playgroup or after-school club
  • Finding an au-pair or nanny
  • Providing information about child illness
  • Giving ideas on what to do with children during the summer break and help in finding a child-friendly holidays, hotels or restaurants
  • Providing locations, costs and details on care homes and nurses/carers
  • Finding details on doctors, dentists, disabled car schemes, clubs, events and support groups
  • Finding disabled-friendly holidays
  • Finding specialist equipment
  • Finding a vet, breeder, kennel/cattery or pet sitter, or rescue centre
  • Providing any animal-related information

See Family Care Case Study


Managers Adviceline

Managerial Advice Line

Confidential Care also provide a dedicated telephone advice line for managers and supervisors who need advice or would like to talk through how to best approach a difficult situation in their role as a manager. Please call 0800 085 3805 Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm or email.

All contact with Confidential Care is confidential. You need only say that you are from Imperial College. Calls to 0800 numbers from College extensions are not included in telephone charges reports. Confidential Care does not feedback identifiable information to College.

Learn more about the Managerial Advice Line here

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Wellbeing Online - Self Help Website

Well Online is a comprehensive wellbeing resource offering a wealth of practical tips, fresh ideas and stimulating reading. 

You can either use the site on a stand-alone basis, or gather information to better understand an issue before discussing it with a telephone advisor.

The information is kept updated and new topics are added as needs are identified. To access the Well online, you will need the following login details:

Username: Imperial
Password: College

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Cancer Counselling - support for families touched by cancer

One in three people are diagnosed with cancer during their lives. Shock, grief and fear are just some of the feelings they and their families must deal with. Such emotions are too painful to carry alone. 

Talking to a counsellor experienced in cancer issues can ease the sense of isolation you may feel, and help you to find ways to face the challenges ahead. 

Please call Cic Adviceline on 0800 085 1376 at any time night or day 365 days a year. 

Learn more about what Cancer counselling can provide here

Everyday Matters information finding service

Through ‘Confidential Care’ employee assistance programme you have access to the ‘Everyday Matters’ information finding service, this service is a valuable time-saving tool that will allow you to request any information with regards to services, activities and suppliers in your area without having to take the time and effort involved to gather this information for yourself.

The information finding service take your requests and then do all the research on your behalf.  Confidential Care will then send the results to you in any form you require including sending out the information packs, search results and costings attached to the services or activities you are looking for.

Below are some examples of how you might use this service.

Everyday Matters

For children

  • Find a Nursery

We would find nurseries in your area which have vacancies and meet your requirements. Provide information on costs and what each nursery offers  

  • Find a Nanny

Provide details on Nanny Agencies, prices and information.

  • Find playgroup/carer

We would find playgroups and carers with vacancies, check that they have the right qualifications, find out costs and full details of the service provided.

  • After school clubs

Find details about after school clubs in your area, this would also include providing information on swimming pools, riding schools, judo and karate clubs and drama schools.  

  • Find an Au-pair

Provide information on ways to find an Au-pair and process to follow in taking on and employing an au-pair.

  • Children information

Provide information about child illness – where to get separate injections for MMR for example and finding a NHS doctor/dentist. Provide information on allergies.

  • Schools taxis

Find out information on any type of transport for children including school transport

  • Holidays

What to do with your children during the summer break, flying with children, finding a child friendly hotel or restaurant.

  • Children Parties and events

Need to find a face painter or organise a day out for a group of children

  • Produce research and information

Find out information on toys, gift ideas or special equipment

  • Maternity Care

Provide help and information for employees about to give birth this could include finding information on private hospital care and home help.


For the elderly and disabled

  • Care homes

We would find care homes in your area which have vacancies and meet your requirements. Provide information on costs and what each home offers  

  • Find nurse/carer

We would find carers with vacancies, check that they have the right qualifications, find out costs and full details of the service provided. We could help find full time carers, or even just a part time carer or house sitter if you have to go away.

  • Information

Provide information on what help is available in your area,  from your local government for example. Find a doctor or dentist

  • Transport

Provide information on transport including taxis, buses and the disabled car scheme

  • Clubs

Provide information on clubs and events in your area

  • Holidays

Find disabled friendly holidays or provide information.

  • Product research and information

Help find specialist equipment

  • Special Needs children

Provide information on help in your area including support groups

For pets

  • Find a vet

Find a vet or medical treatment in your area

  • Find a breeder

Provide information in breeders in the area and who might have litters available

  • Find a kennel/cattery or pet sitter

Going away on holiday and need to find someone to look after your pets 

  • Find a rescue centre

Information on rescue centres in your area – either to help out or find a pet

  • Information

Any animal related information

For home, travel, retail & other matters


  • Find a doctor, dentists (private and national health), therapists
  • Moving into a new area – utilities info, health centres, local information


  • Inoculations advice
  • Foreign office advice
  • Airport information
  • Passport advice and visas

Family & Pets

  • Evening classes
  • Vets
  • Tutors
  • Kennels & catteries


  • Market research
  • Simple gifts – flowers, wine, chocolates

Leisure & Entertainment

  • Gyms
  • Beauty & fitness clubs
  • Events


  • Find a driving school
  • Leasing and hire companies
  • Garage