To-Do lists

One way to reduce stress is to write to-do lists. There is a lot of advice about how best to structure them. Some people advise splitting their to-do lists daily, weekly or monthly depending on the detail you go into. Others suggest keeping separate lists for different parts of your life. If that sounds like too much to remember and you’d prefer to merge them together so you can keep track of work and personal to-do priorities, well you can. 

If you would like to have different categories for items that you need “to do”, but also see everything in an aggregated list there is a tool within Office 365  to help.  It can also alert you to reminders and alarms as deadlines approach. 

The To-Do app allows you to write lists for different categories and then aggregate them in the “My Day” view, showing you those tasks that you need to get done today.

Regardless of whether you are accessing in a web browser, or using the downloaded app for Windows 10, iOS or Android you see the same synchronised list across all devices and can check off items as you complete them. 

Here’s 6 steps to being more productive using Microsoft’s To-Do … To-Do

  1. Create lists and to-dos for everything
    Write lists for the tasks that will take looger to accomplish and that have multiple steps.
    Put the rest into the "To-Do" list and start ticking them off.

  2. Prioritise Each day
    Take a few minutes to check back through yesterday (Review) and bring through to today any tasks that you didn’t get complete.
    Use the “My Day” list to prioritise what is important today.

  3. Stay secure
    To-Do integrates directly to the Task list in Outlook and uses Outlook’s built in security and compliance features – no other “to-do list” app does this.     

  4. Set completion dates and alarms on your To-Dos and lists
    Use the due date and reminder functions to be reminded about important items that are on your list.

  5. Check-off when complete
    Check off the tasks as you complete them – you can then see what you have achieved and review your day easily.

  6. Download the app for iOS, Android and Windows 10
    Get your To-Do list synchronised across all your devices and check off the things you accomplish quickly wherever you are and whatever device you are using.

But what about shared tasks you ask?  Well, if you are working in a team and want to allocate out tasks and check what everyone is doing, then use Planner, which is designed to do just that.  In Planner you can create new plans, organise and assign tasks to each other, share files, chat about what you’re working on and get progress updates.