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Tackle sustainable human development issues to find out how you can make an impact in the real world

Global Challenges puts your degree in a broader context, connecting disciplines and considering social, ethical and cultural dimensions.

Combating climate change, establishing gender equality, preserving biodiversity, access to education and eliminating poverty are just some of the environmental and social pressures that will shape the coming century. They will alter how we live, the risks we face, and the ways that we govern a more interdependent world. Tackling these challenges will require the best available minds to measure and predict impacts and to identify solutions.

Our award winning courses give you the opportunity to research and problem solve your choice of these challenges in multidisciplinary teams, using a range of new and diverse ways of working.

Please see the 2018-19 course options below and check the course descriptions for more information.

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Global Challenges for first years

Course codeCourse titleECTSDurationWhen
HGC14 The World Today: Analysing Global Progress*  0 8 weeks Autumn term only
HGC15 The World Today: Collecting and Understanding Data*  0 8 weeks Autumn term only
HGC16 The World Today: Innovating for Change*  0 8 weeks Autumn term only

*Amended Course - New Course Description Coming Soon

Global Challenges for second years

Course codeCourse titleECTSDurationWhen
HGC21 Design for Sustainable Development  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms
HGC27 A SMART Life *NEW COURSE*  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms
HGC28 Sustainable ME *NEW COURSE*  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms
HGC29 Building Equality *NEW COURSE*  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms
HGC210 Building Happiness *NEW COURSE*  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms

Global Challenges for third and fourth years

Course codeCourse titleECTSDurationWhen
HGC31 Lessons from History  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms
HGC33 Creative Futures *NEW COURSE*  6 20 weeks Autumn and spring terms

Imperial Horizons courses listed in our literature and on the website are those that the Centre is currently offering in the academic year listed.  Courses run subject to sufficient demand and resources. The College reserves the right to cap numbers and change or discontinue courses.

What students say about Global Challenges

What students say about Global Challenges

This film was made entirely by Global Challenge students - so check out their experiences!
"I'd never really thought about the ethical side of science before, so I've learnt a lot, and a new way of thinking about the science from my degree too."
"I am very happy that I have chosen to do a horizons course. The information is varied and discussions in class are very stimulating and encourage me to look into them further. The course provides a very nice contrast to other technical modules in my degree."