Final Course Results

Results are only released once they have been verified at the Examiners' Board Meeting which takes place mid-June every year.

  • For all Science, Culture & Society, Business & Professional Skills and Global Challenges courses, results will be released on Blackboard.

Languages & Global Citizenship courses

Marks are displayed as follows:

  • Degree Credit Results - Grades A-E
    NB Exact numerical grades will be reported to your department and this will be applied to your overall grade for the academic year
  • Extra Credit Results - Pass, Merit, Distinction or Fail (Fails will NOT appear on your transcript)
Mark Scale
Degree credit studentsNumerical markExtra credit students
 A  70% and above  DISTINCTION
 B  60-69%  MERIT
 C  50-59%  PASS
 D  40-49%  PASS
 E*  39% and below  FAIL*
Please note that 'Fails' are not recorded on transcripts for Extra Credit and Non Credit students
Mark Scale

*A re-sit exam session will be offered only to those who meet the exam regulations criteria. Please see Exams and Assessment or contact Maggie Causley, the Examinations Officer for more information.