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Explore the concept of happiness and design and test a variety of measures to improve happiness in your own life

Module details

Offered to 2nd Years
Mondays 16.00-18.00 
2 term module
7.5 ECTS
Extra Credit or Degree Credit where your department allows

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Work alongside other students studying sustainability and smart living, to explore the concept of happiness. Using a variety of ‘theories’ of happiness, think about what happiness means to you in your life and community. Develop your own theory of happiness and a tool for measuring how happy people are in a range of situations. Can ‘happier’ living be promoted? Develop a range of ideas to increase happiness and test your favourite in the real world.

Information blocks

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module you will have:

  • Examined key theories relating to ‘happiness’ in the world
  • Defined how ‘happiness’ can be promoted, supported and measured
  • Created a personal definition or theory of happiness
  • Created a personalized brief – analyzing your own life to identify opportunities to increase happiness
  • Developed a rationale for assessing the needs, benefits and successes of implementing such a change
  • Designed and tested a targeted happiness initiative in your own life
  • Evaluated the impact of the initiative

Indicative core content

This course will create an overarching critique of the concept of happiness and how it applies to you. You will begin by examining a range of theories of happiness, and develop you own theoretical understanding of the concept. You will then create your own design briefs using video or photo diaries and rotate through a series of creativity and design exercises before picking one idea to develop, test and evaluate.


  • Visual: Personal Happiness Theory Poster (10%)
  • Multimedia: Video/Photo Diary Brief and Analysis (30%)
  • Practical: Design Process (20%)
  • Multimedia: Final Project Portfolio (40%)

Key information

  • You must be prepared to attend all classes and and undertake approximately 2-3 hours of private study or reading each week in addition to the assessment.
  • This module is designed as an undergraduate Level 6 course. See Imperial Horizons level descriptors [pdf]

My Journey

You can focus your project on any area of happiness that you want to explore, but to give you some ideas of what students have tackled previously, take a look at these topics:

  • The impact of social interactions on happiness
  • Creating balance between academic success, helping others and doing this just because they are fun
  • Trying to identify the optimistic view of every situation and acting upon that perspective
  • Finding out how many different ways there are to think about happiness

Project submissions can be really creative and can include any component you feel express your experience of completing the project. So far students have submitted:

  • Project reports and narratives
  • Video diaries
  • Short films
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Handwritten journals
  • Hand made and digital artwork
  • Apps
"I never felt fully confident to articulate my thoughts but this has been a great opportunity to try something new"
"My final project was made for enjoyment, not just for work"
"On this module, I’ve had the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had"
"This module has inspired me to consider a different career – I’ve found something that I’m really good at."
"I enjoyed this course more than I ever thought possible"